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The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive

Over the last 12 months, more than 33,500* rescue dogs were listed on the PetRescue website - big dogs, small dogs and everything in between - all in need of a home and family to love.

Since 2008 PEDIGREE® has led an initiative called PEDIGREE Adoption Drive, in partnership with PetRescue, helping thousands of dogs find loving homes by raising awareness of the plight of rescue dogs.

With a firm belief that every dog deserves a home, PEDIGREE® has become a champion of dog adoption and is steadfastly committed to making the world a better place for all pets.

This year, PEDIGREE is launching a global campaign ‘PEDGIREE. Feed the Good™’ which sets out to harness the good dogs bring out in people and drive donations to charity partner PetRescue.

The campaign kicked off with a the TV ad (click here to view) and the full campaign will be live with a further six shopping centre digital experiences, and 50 Coles in-store experiences in locations across the country.  Each site features Australian-first interactive payment technology that encourages people to donate to PetRescue.

* PetRescue annual report 2012/12

Pet Rescue 

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Support PEDIGREE Adoption Drive™ today. PEDIGREE Adoption Drive™ is a global initiative which focuses on feeding, donation and dog re-homing programs around the world.

Adoption Success Stories

Dog adoption success stories are what we strive for. Read inside some of our dog adoption success stories.